May 23, 2016

8:16 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

Wow my last transfer....
It hit me so hard today in the morning I realized I have only 6 weeks.  I have never loved something so much as much as I love the mission.  This is the hardest time of my mission by far but, I am loving it so much. I have never gotten so close in prayer every night.

Your letter is such an answer to my prayers.   Trying to get an area started is really challenging.   I loved what you said how Satan does not want us to have Peace or Joy.  I have been studying a lot about joy and peace.  A talk that has helped me so much is "of things that mattermost" by President Utchdorf.

It talks about how when the stresses of life come into life and we lose sense of what the gospel is we should slow down and focus on the simple things. The gospel really is so simple and so many times we worry to much when we try putting all these crazy lists and tasks in our life.  We need to remember to slow down and focus on the simplicity in Jesus Christ.  I love how simple the gospel is and how much we are blessed by doing the little things well. 

I love you so much!  Have an amazing week!!