May 16, 2016

8:29 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

The temple was SOOO amazing!! I have never learned so much.  It was one of my most spiritual experiences I have ever had on my mission so many answers and so much revelation I received. I was sitting in the celestial room and was pondering 1. how heavenly Father had felt so far from my service and 2. how I could end my mission the strongest. I was sitting there and went through tons of scriptures. I got the most overwhelming feeling I had ever felt of Love from my Heavenly Father and I heard the words in my head I am proud of you my son. I lost it at the point and couldn’t think but just be overwhelmed with this love. I have never felt so much peace and love from my Heavenly Father with what he wanted me to do.  

I have had a rough last couple weeks with the area. It was the most comforting feeling to have in the temple when you are feeling discouraged.  I seriously Love this gospel so much and have never wanted to give so much to my Heavenly Father than I have at this moment. I love the temple so much and the peace you have. That experience made me set the goal of going every week when I get home, and never losing the spirit when I get home as well.

That is so true about distractions.  On the mission it is so crucial to have 0 distractions.  You have so much to think about like investigators needs, where to go finding, if you are a leader you have other needs to take care of also.  You really have no time to have any distractions. So, that is one part of it. and why would Heavenly Father give you revelation if you are constantly thinking of other "worldly" things.  It is awesome to really have no distractions.  We go into dinners with members some time and they are so stressed on the president election right now that they miss whats going in their life.  Us as missionaries are so blessed to not have to worry about any of that stuff so it helps us feel so much happier and feel the spirit so much stronger in our lives. Sorry if i get to preachy now haha… TO answer your questions about what distraction will I try to avoid when I come home.  I think definitely music and TV/movies.   Sorry, I sound preachy…haha!

A family we have been teaching we have had to put on hold because the dad is in Mexico right now.  They want us to come back this week to teach them again. The dad should be back by then.   We found this guy named William who is from Costa Rica he has talked with the missionaries a lot over there but never could find them here.  We were walking down this road one day and he calls us over and says he wants to learn more with his family. We taught them the restoration and he said he has been looking for a church for his young family and wants to come to ours.  They are a super cool young family. 

Oh and mom I ran a 400 last tuesday.  I thought I would show all the elders how fast I am...haha I am still feeling sore from that a week later haha forgot I haven’t ran in 2 years haha I almost collapsed at the end.,, Things sometimes just don’t change haha!

Love you so much!

Elder Woodward