April 25, 2016

9:50 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

 Training in Yakima


The Dalles continues to stay beautiful. I have been praying a lot lately on how I could increase my Faith.  Yesterday a talk was given in Sacrament and answered so many of my prayers. He mentioned 5 things we can do to increase our Faith.
1. True Obedience
Focus on being obedient to the small things
2. Humble Prayer
Don’t just pray to pray but pray to talk to Heavenly father. Ask Him what Lack I yet? What is one thing I can do today. Then Listen to His answer. At the end of the night report how he did on that.
3. Serious Scripture Study
Don’t read to read.  Read to Learn.  Learn something each day in your study
4. Selfless service
Pray and look for ways to serve those who are in need.
5. Genuine Fasting
Fast for those weaknesses, sins, and trials ask for his help to overcome those.
I truly know that these 5 things can help us become more faithful servants.  I know we can pray and ask God which one he would have us work on.  Then nurture our faith and watch it grow. I love this topic of faith so much because it is truly how Heavenly Father works with us.  I love the opportunity we have each day to choose faith and serve our Savior each day.

The Dalles is some of my favorite times here in the mission.  I feel like all the mysteries of a mission and the gospel are finally unraveling and everything is becoming clearer little by little.  I am really trying to become a better person everyday.  I have never loved my mission so much.  Talking about the hand of the lord in our lives is something I have been praying so much for I have been trying to right in my journal more.  The things I write now are how I saw the hand of the lord in my life that day. There is so much going on in my head right now with the mission and all this stuff.  I am excited now to just focus 100% on my mission and giving my heart to the Lord.  I want is to leave the mission with no energy, just every ounce of energy left I want to give it all to my mission.

I Love you all!!

Elder Woodward