April 11, 2016

9:28 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

A portion of Sister Lewis Blog entry 

Picture sent to me on my FB from the Cobb Family.  This family is always so kind to the Missionaries watching over them and feeding them!  

So we got our transfer calls this week.  I have been released as a ZL and now get to train (be a Dad).  I loved being a ZL and excited to be able to be a trainer again.  I am so excited I am going to the Dalles Oregon. So you know what that means? I get to have people pump my gas for me and NO SALES TAX! 

We had an awesome week!  I found out on Wednesday that Marta Ceja was going to be baptized on Saturday!  I was so excited to hear about it.  Saturday as we were driving down they told us that the baptism was possibly going to be cancelled because Marta didn’t know if she wanted to do it.  The missionaries talked with her and she was saying how she didn’t know for sure if this was the right thing for her because of things that had happened in her life.  She finally decided that she wanted to do this and follow Christ and be baptized.  It was an amazing service the talks were awesome.  There was one talk a lady gave and she talked about how at times there are other voices that will tell us were not good enough to do something or that we may not know everything.  She spoke about how important was to know this is not the voice we need to listen to.  We must listen to that voice that invites us to come unto Christ to do the good in life.  After she was baptized tears ran down her face because she knew she was doing the right thing and following Christ.  It was an awesome week and I am excited for transfers and to train a new missionary.  I believe he is a native from Mexico.    Time is going so fast and I know I have more work to do, I love my mission and I am so grateful for it!

Love you all!
Elder Woodward