March 28, 2016

9:58 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

Elder Meyers, Elder Carter and Elder Woodward
 From Sister Lewis"Hey Mom, look I am loosing weight!!!"
 Elder Woodward and Elder Meyers helping move Elder Beaty who has been having Health issues and is returning home to get special medical attention.
Zone Conference 

La Pascua!!!

Hopefully everyone had an awesome Easter.  It was an awesome opportunity to be here and share this message of Jesus Christ with everyone. 

I was studying this week about the week of Easter and the events that occurred this week.  It really helped me remember that this week actually happened and was the greatest week in history of the world.  It was awesome to study about the atonement and realize how much we focus on the redeeming power a lot and thats awesome but, there is also the enabling power that Christ can give us.  The enabling power is the power to allow us to go through trials, to go through afflictions and hard times in life.  I am grateful for the atonement in my life and the enabling power it has on me to help me overcome my weaknesses, pains sorrows, everything hard or things that seem unfair or difficult in my life.  Christ can help me through it if we call upon him.  

I am excited this week to hear from a living prophet of God speak to all of us to help us know how we can be better people in this life and better followers of christ. 

Have an awesome week!
Love you all!

Elder Woodward