February 15, 2016

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Interviews with President Lewis
 President Lewis meeting with ZL Elder Woodward and Elder Oliver
Received this text from Sister Lewis
 Building bunk beds getting ready for new missionaries arriving.  
25 new missionaries will be arriving this transfer.   

 Mission Accomplished

Pictures taken by Sister Lewis

Hello familia! 

This week was pretty good.  We had a lot of things to do this week.  We had interviews this week and they were amazing.  We talked about things that are important to us, things we have learned and what are the gifts and talents we have discovered about ourselves.   We talked about ending our mission with a BANG!

Family is something I have thought so much about, teaching people here especially.  Families are so important to this culture.  It has made my desire to  have such a strong family in the gospel and as well in our relationships.   I think one of the most things I have learned here in Ephrata is about righteousness and moral authority of being that disciple of Christ always and being an example of righteousness.   

Jessica is doing so awesome, she is on fire and so prepared, it is crazy! Yesterday we brought a member over who was not able to to go to church and the first thing she said was ."why weren't you at church?" And continued to teach our member everything from the broadcast. It was so awesome!! 
We are still trying to find her a home here in Ephrata.  She goes to Wenatchee this week to find out when she can bring her daughter here to the states.  When her daughter gets here is when she wants to be baptized.  she wants to show her daughter her example. 

Yesterday we were blessed here to listen to some of the leaders of the church.  It was awesome to feel of the spirit and receive so many answers to many of my questions.  My Favorite was Sister Oscaron who talked about always being an example of Christ.  She mentioned how if someone were to come study us for an hour that they should be able to tell by our actions and thoughts if we are true disciples of Christ.  It made me think a lot of if someone were to be watching me and me not knowing.  Would they be able to tell by my actions and thoughts that I follow the example of Jesus Christ. She made a real cool comment that stuck out that its not important the worlds standards might be.   We should not be worried about looking cool in the worlds eyes but should be worried about what the Lord thinks and His standards for us. The whole broadcast was so sweet I could go on and on of what I learned. I am thankful for leaders of this church who are called of God and inspired to help guide us. 

Love you all!! Best of luck!!

Elder Woodward