February 8, 2016

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Our Drive back from our Zone Training Meeting, Coullee Dam it is the most beautiful drive!!
As a missionary mom we do things like zoom in on photos to get a closer look at our kids.  How do they look, how are their clothes holding up and are they happy?   Each week I ask Chandler if he needs anything and I always get the same response,"No, I don't need anything.  I am good!"  As I zoom in on his feet I see a pair of shoes that are extremely worn and shows signs of many long days on his feet serving the Lord.  As I scroll up to his face I see my young boy who has turned into a man.  I see so much joy in his eyes.  He has spent the last 19 1/2  months experiencing one of the most challenging things he has ever done and yet he expresses how happy he is, how much he loves the work, how its going too fast and he doesn't want it to end.  He lives an extremely simple life, all of his belongings can fit in a suitcase and yet he says he needs nothing because he feels like he has everything!   I feel so grateful he is having this amazing opportunity and everything he is teaching me!

"When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God" 
Mosiah 2:17

 Elder Oliver and Elder Woodward
 President Lewis

 Leadership Training in Yakima 

This week was so awesome!! We didn’t have a lot of time in our area but we did have the greatest lessons this week. We taught Jessica this week and she started by saying how good she feels at church and how she has never thought of her family so much when she is in the church or learning more.  She realized how much the church focuses on family how important they are in Heavenly Fathers plan for us.  She continued to tell us of a dream she had after reading the Book of Mormon before bed.  She was wandering all over Ephrata hearing her daughters voice calling out to her.   She couldn’t find her wherever she went. She said she decided to go look in the church and when she went into our church she saw her daughter standing there and was finally able to see her.  Her daughter is only 7 and she is trying to get her from Mexico.  She said that she knows this is where Heavenly Father wants her to be.  She knows that this is where she can be happy with her daughter.  

Teaching Jessica has been such a blessing.  She has acknowledged how her faith grows every time she reads the Book of Mormon.  It is so true that truly if we read and Ponder about the Book of Mormon that it will bring peace to our day.  If we will spent the time searching through it we will find answers to questions we have.  The most amazing and important part it that it will strengthen our Faith in our Savior Jesus Christ.  

I love you all!!
Elder Woodward