January 4, 2016

4:59 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

Happy New Year!!

So, one of my new years resolutions is to not drink soda.  So, I bought a 24 pack of DP on Monday to drink it all before New Years.  I forgot I was going to be gone all week and came back on New Years eve with 20 DPs that had to be consumed.  Thankfully I have 3 other missionaries living with me to help me with my goal. So each of us pounded about 6 each.  Needless to say now when I think of DP my stomach still hurts hahaha so I think I cured myself of wanting DP for awhile.  

Elder Oliver and I were on exchanges all week up north in Oroville, Omak, Admn, Coulee.    It's challenging being able to spend time in our own area since our zone is so large that we spend a lot of time in other areas.  

This week was a miracle filled week. So Last Sunday we felt inspired to send a text invitation inviting people to church that were in our contact list in our phone contacts.  When we sent this text one person named Erma texted us back.  She said she was so glad to here from us.   She said had some things happen to her that she had to leave her house and disappeared for awhile but she was back in town.   She told us how she has been wanting to get a hold of us but couldn't find our number and didn't know how to reach us.  She said she needed some help and invited us over Tuesday.   We went over on Tuesday and saw the living situation her and her husband were living in.  They were living in this basement.   All they had was a mattress and nothing else.  Her husband is on house arrest and they have made a lot of mistakes.  They are so humble right now that they are willing to do whatever it takes to come closer to God.  We set a lot of expectations and goals for them and set for a time to come by again.  It was an amazing experience that is so hard to explain and put into words.  You could seriously feel the Love their Heavenly Father has for them and how bad He wants them back.   It was such a sweet experience to see that and to truly be guided by the Spirit to find them.   I know Heavenly Father knows each one of us.  I know he is there to help us in our darkest times.   I know he never gives up on us and never leaves us.  

I love you all so much!
Elder Woodward