January 11, 2016

7:01 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

This past week was leadership council in Yakima.  The meeting was postponed due to heavy snow.  
The meeting was held in the Yakima Stake center.

SO the pants story is embarrassing but since you saw the picture of the torn pants here it is.   It was snowing and really icy so as smart as I am I wanted to see how far I could slide so I booked it and slid pretty far.    I wanted to see if I could get farther. SO I sprinted as fast as I could and slid and half way through I biffed it and landed on my knee and it ripped like nothing hahaha.  :) 


I love the pictures of everyone snowboarding but I am sitting here wondering who's Parker and who's Christian!!! AHHH what happened hahaha Looks like all my stuff is getting used though so thats good hahaha. 

SO transfers are this week I am staying another transfer with Elder Oliver!!!!!! I am so excited we are learning a ton and while were at it also having some good laughs haha!  

This week I was on exchanges in Quincy.   We were knocking a door and this guy opens the door, he's bald about 6'3 and has all these tattoos all over his face.  One of the tattoos was across his forehead and it said "Warrior" in large letters.  This guy was pretty rough and was someone I probably wouldn't think wanted to hear about the gospel but we kept talking to him.   He told us how he has been reading the BoM and loves it!  The whole time he is telling us these things I kept thinking that I have met him before but couldn't figure out where I knew him from, it was driving me crazy.   All the sudden he says to me, "Have I talked with you before?"  We talked a little bit about where I have served and he had never been anywhere I have been.   We could not figure it out but both of were certain that we had met before.   We had the most unbelievable connection.  After that lesson I remembered Sister Lewis sharing how we are sent to people we met in the spirit world and we promised to find them.  It was so awesome and an experience I will never forget!

My love for all of you has grown.  It is so crazy to see these families here who don't have the gospel and are not doing good make me love each and everyone of you!!

Love you all!
Elder Woodward