December 21, 2015

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Received a text from a sweet lady today.  Elder Oliver(from AZ) and Elder Woodward(from CA) came to their farm to help with the Pigs.  They were told to dress in winter clothes.  Below is how they showed up.  They gave them Bibs and Boots.  The Video is of Chandler Riding the PIG.  

This past week 1/2 of the mission gathered to have their Christmas Gathering.  Chandler asked me the week before to contact Elder Taele's mom and arrange getting ties for their Zone.    All the Green 
Pok-a-dot ties are their Zone.   

Chandler with his 2nd companion Elder Wilson
 The home the Christmas Gathering took place.

Elder Oliver, President Lewis, Elder Woodward and Elder Gutherie.  Chandler's companion's in Ephrata.  Elder Gutherie went home this week.  

 Gathering Christmas mail

 Chandler saying good bye to Elder Gleed.  One of his companion's in 
Wenatchee that went home this week.  

Merry Christmas!! 

Such an awesome time of Year right now. The time to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  This week Ephrata has been blessed with a good foot of snow. Elder Oliver is from Arizona and I being from California both are learning how to drive in the snow day by day:)  Good thing we have a truck. 

This past week was so awesome we had a Christmas Gathering with half the mission. It was such a spiritual meeting. All 5 zones went up one at a time and shared a musical number then shared why we are grateful for our Savior it was an amazing meeting.  After that President Lewis had 3 missionaries read the christmas story found n the New Testament.   It was so powerful as they were reading the Christmas story I felt the Spirit bear testimony of this. I have never really felt the a spirit that strong reading the christmas story.  I love this time of year more than ever now. To really think of our Savior at this time and understand the true meaning behind CHRISTmas it is so awesome!  It is awesome to be a missionary right now.  I love being able to share this with everyone. I love my Savior so much and am grateful for His life and everything he does for me. Have an awesome Christmas and continue top share this message with everyone! 

Elder woodward