December 7, 2015

9:33 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

My new companions.  Elder Oliver and Elder Guthrie
 Once a month there is a leadership meeting where missionaries come from all four corners of the mission.

Sister Lewis commented that Elder Woodward is fun to feed. 
Hey Jax we took the real men wear onesies challenge!  We made a trip to Walmart for these beauties!


This week was crazy dealing with transfers and everything.  So, I am now In Ephrata its a little town a little under 8,000 people . We are in a Spanish Group of about 5 members right now.  I am companions with Elder Oliver and Elder Guthrie (He goes home in 2 weeks for school). 

I am so grateful for this transfer right now, its looking a little hard. I know Heavenly Father knows there Hispanics out here waiting for the Gospel.  We are just going to have to live the scripture in Jeremiah 16:16 that talks about digging in the rocks looking for those who are ready. I am so excited for this transfer. Christmas coming up and it is going to be great.  I love being a missionary during this time especially because it's a universal message we share that Jesus Christ was born.  This new initiative "A Savior Is Born" is awesome.

It is the greatest video on the planet!  It tells us why he was born and how great it is that we have a Savior to help us be forgiven and to help endure our pains and afflictions.   Look for different ways to remember him for this season visit and share it with everyone to let everyone know why He was born.  His life for was each of us.   Love you ALL!

Love Elder Wodward