December 14, 2015

10:02 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

Received a text this week of this picture from Sister Ross the ward mission leader's wife.    She prepared a birthday dinner for Chandler and his companion, Elder Guthrie who's birthday was 2 days later.  

This week was pretty awesome! We had an amazing Zone Training Meeting the Spirit was so strong.  Our Zone is HUGE!  Its about 4 hours from each side of the Zone.  We have missionaries who serve all the way to the border of Canada.   It is wet, rainy and cold here and supposed to get snow this week.  

Ephrata is a really challenging area and has really tried my faith and patience.  We have been trying to discover what we need to do to raise our faith and the faith of others.  I know the Lord prepares people in every area but man this one seems rough.  Even though it is hard I am grateful because I  have never prayed harder in my life.   Mattawa has always been my favorite areas because we were sent through the same experiences.  

We met this awesome girl named Yindy she just moved from Honduras about 4 months ago.  She asked all the perfect questions like why are there so many churches? Which one is the right one? How can I find out?  Elder Oliver, Elder Guthrie and I both smiled and said we have the perfect message for you and taught her the Restoration and she loved it. She really wants to learn more and find out this is true.  It was awesome to see how prepared people are here in Ephrata it really raised my vision for this area that there are people here who are ready to receive the Gospel.   Have an awesome week everyone.

Love you all so much!
Elder Woodward