November 30, 2015

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The Ceja family and  Beto Pantoja baptism

We have a mission policy that if you helped teach someone, you are allowed to come to their baptism, no matter where in the mission it may be.  Most of the many Elders who came tonight helped teach this family. It was a packed house for the Ceja family and Beto Pantoja , it was an amazing site!

 Beto Pantoja, his son was able to baptize him.

 Yakima Zone Temple trip 

 Picture sent by Sister Lewis of Elder Woodward and Elder Johnson stopping by mission home

 Alex Boye' was a special guest at a Fireside in Selah 

Crazy Week! Transfers, Baptism, Awesome week! 

So the baptism of the Ceja Family and Beto Pantoja was so awesome! Betos son was able to Baptize him. and His other son confirmed him. The Cejas had an awesome time as well! The dad was loving it. He came up to us at the end and said,"I'm next!" It was an awesome experience to be able to teach them.  After their baptism I asked each one how they felt and with the biggest smiles they all said I have never felt so clean in my life. I am so excited to be able to see the Ceja family go to the temple one day and get sealed with their family forever.   

So transfers this upcoming week.  I'm going to Ephrata still as ZL with elder Oliver and Guthrie.  They are both studs Elder Guthrie goes home in 2 weeks so we will be in a tri-pan.  I'm super excited but very sad because I don't want to leave Yakima.  I have had so many awesome experiences here. I have to leave the Ceja family and Beto that I have grown to love so much!  I am excited to hear how they continue this path.  

Thanksgiving was awesome this past week we had 3 full thanksgiving meals.  As soon as we came home we hit the bed so hard from being to full!!! hahaha.  Alex Boye' came to Yakima.  We got to hear from him, it was pretty crazy! haha He is a very energetic guy.  He was dancing and going all crazy it was pretty crazy haha.   We all loved it and it was a packed.

Love you all!!
Elder Woodward