November 9, 2015

8:50 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

Last year our local Red Cross canvased some areas of the Yakima Valley that might potentially be concerned with wildfires, asking if the homeowners needed smoke alarms. During this last year they have been gathering donations for the smoke alarms and when they had what was needed, they approached us for help installing them and helping to gather information from the families.  The Red Cross loves Mormon Missionaries!  Many of our missionaries speak Spanish for the heavily populated spanish speaking communities.  15-20 Elders were involved in this.  

From Sister Lewis:  Today we met with our Mission Leadership Council, or all of our Zone Leaders, APs and Sister Training Leaders.  These  missionaries spend a good deal of their time helping other missionaries feel the joy of missionary work.  They keep us organized and focused on bringing others to Christ.
Once a month, these leaders come from all over the mission to the Mission Home to meet with us and we plan and set goals and have specialized trainings that help make things better in our mission.  It’s an outstanding meeting because these leaders are Outstanding! 

Happy 22nd Anniversary to my awesome parents!!! 

This week was filled with Spiritual Experiences. We had the opportunity to teach the Ceja family again. We felt Inspired to go back and try teaching them again. So after MLC we had an appointment with them.   When walked in to find out that Silvino, the father, had recently lost his brother.  He had passed away a day before we got there.  Immediately we threw our lesson, we had planned, to the side.  We jumped right to Plan of Salvation and The Saviors role on Earth.  It was amazing to be in that room as the Spirit touched every heart in that room, it was so amazing.  Everyone was crying and was filled with the Spirit.  It was amazing to feel the Love God has for that Family.  It was amazing to see how He wants them to come closer to their Savior. I am so excited to be able to be here and help them as they pursue there goal.

I love you all!!!
Elder Woodward