November 16, 2015

10:27 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

I learned one of the greatest lessons this week. This week a lot of crazy things happened. On Monday we had a lesson with the ceja family.  They have gone through so many trials these past few weeks.  We this great lesson planned to watch an amazing mormon message called “Mountain to Climb.” 

As we get ready to go teach them our member that is supposed to go with calls us and says he can’t make it!   We started to freak out because we weren’t able to go in the house if we didn’t have another male.   We started calling every member we could.  Every member we called was not able to go with us.  The last member said yes, but he would be there but about 15 min.  So we arrived to the lesson and our member was with us.  We started teaching the Plan of Salvation and get to the part when we are about to share the Mormon Message.  As soon as we get to the video we hear a knock on the door.  We open it and its the elders quorum president, who is such a stud.  He tells us he felt inspired to come and brought another member who has been going through a hard time as well.   As we shared the message I look around to everyone and there wasn’t a dry eye in that room.  It was the most spiritual lesson I have ever been on in my mission!!! It strengthened my testimony so much about how the Lord sees our efforts and if we do all we can do all that we have control over the Lord will do the rest.  So hard to do and not worry about and wonder if he will fill in the rest,  but he always does!  

I love my mission so much!! I have never been happier in my life.  Never have I gone through harder experiences.  Each day I feel like I’m getting pushed so hard but, each day I feel like I really can feel my Savior rooting for me, pushing me a long the way, carrying me and loving me so much.  I love my Savior with all my heart. I know he can take away all pains and afflictions and help us through those hard times.  

Thats so cool about Parker.  I am so proud of him! I seriously look up to him so much!! And wow! how are all my brothers better than I ever was? They are such studs Christian wrote me the story of how he shared that with someone and I was amazed. I wish I was really as cool as them when I was their age. So true about trusting in the Lord. Something I have been studying about a ton is making things more simple not worrying so much. President Utchdorf talk has been my guide about simplifying our discipleship. I make it so complicated when the Gospel is so simple. Thank you for everything! There is a talk by Jeffrey R Holland called miracle of a mission. Everything he says I love and is so true.  Its crazy how much I have learned from this experience that I have had and how important it is to serve a mission. I love my mission so much!!

Love you so much!  

Elder Woodward