November 24, 2015

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 Snow in Yakima!  

Sister Lewis wrote: Stake Conference with Elder Call presiding.   Afterwards we had a Mini Leadership Meeting with the local Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders.  Elder Call taught us for an hour or more about working with local leaders and members and about faith and miracles.  It was great.  We are also talking about ways to invite friends from the community to two wonderful Christmas concerts coming up, and how to best use the new Christmas message that will roll out November 29 called “A Savior is Born.”  

Missionary Interviews with President Lewis 

Every missionary mom's dream to receive a random text
of a picture of their missionary

Woke up today to SNOW! 

The elders in my apartment were excited for me because I'm the only one from California and don't see snow so often.  I was "THAT GUY",  I ran outside in shorts and T-shirt and started playing in it!  Haha the Sisters in our district live across the street so we ambushed them this morning for our work out, hahaha so much fun!!

We did service projects yesterday so I didn't get to email.  Our week this week was so awesome!!! I am so sorry I don't have anytime to write today about it so I promise to write you a detailed letter next week!  Crazy things have been happening this week and I can't wait to tell you about it!.  The Cejas and Beto are getting baptized this Sunday!!!!! Thank you so much for the bday package!!!   That is so funny you saw a picture of me wearing the tie...hahaha.  I couldn't wait to open my package, I was to excited! I loved it :) 

Thanksgiving will be a day to share this awesome message that were all thankful for:)   

I am so grateful for my family!  I love you all so much!
Elder Woodward