October 26, 2015

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This week President and Sister Lewis stopped by these elders place that is called,"THE CRIB".  They have 4 Elder's that live here.  There is a tradition here that each set of Elders leave a signature photo of their group on the wall. 

  There are two bunk beds and a place for each to Study. 

    Photo mural of pictures of the Savior.   

This week was a busy week with transfers and welcoming 28 new missionaries to the Yakima Mission.   When the Yakima Mission began on 1 July 2015, there were 113 missionaries here from the Kennewick and Vancouver Missions. Three and a half months have passed and now there are now 158 missionaries serving here.   This week alone 11 new areas were opened.   

Within a week or so of every transfer (every 6 weeks), the missionaries have 2 different special trainings.  One is called The Doctrine of Christ Training and one is for the newly arrived missionaries and their trainers (Trainer-Trainee Training or T&T).  

 Elder Spackman,  Elder Hudson,  Elder Cannon and Elder Woodward
Elder Woodward and Elder Johnson

Hey mom!! 

Thank you so much for the package!  Can you send me a recent pic of the family, so I can have it on me. Thanks:) 

This week we will be having Halloween in our house.  We have to be in at 6 but the rest of the day will be a normal day:) This week was an amazing week!  First off my new companion is Elder Johnson.  He is from Spanish Fork, UT.  He has been out about the same time as me.  He's an awesome guy.  He loves sports and really loves soccer. He is a very bold guy so I will learn a lot this transfer.  

This week we saw tons of miracles!  We kept finding so many people who are so prepared for the Restoration. There is this guy we are teaching Leonel.  Crazy story, we were out walking and he was fixing his car and we started talking  to him.  He had recently gotten back from a doctor appointment and found out that he might have cancer.  We talked for awhile about how God truly does have a plan for us.  He said he felt Gods love through us so strong.  We prayed for him right there.  He was so touched and he said he has never seen young men like us with the Spirit so strong.   He said he wants to listen to what we have to teach him because of the love he felt.  We taught him about the Book of Mormon and he said that he knew Jesus came here to the Americas. He wanted to know why no one wrote about it.   We showed him 3 Nephi 11 when Jesus Christ came to America.  He loved it so much and said he knew this had to be another record of his teachings.  He loved it so much we gave him the rest of the chapter to read and came back.  When we came back he loved it so much he had read all the way 3 Nephi 27.   He loves the book of mormon so much and knows its true because it is comparable to the bible and another testament of Jesus Christ.  After this experience with Leonel and how he knew we were messengers of Jesus Christ I could not stop thinking about it. I realized how much I didn't do and how it was all the Lord.   Me and My companion are just instruments in His hands.  It is so easy to turn inward and get all the praise. But true power comes when we know our Savior is the one blessing our lives and all we have to do is turn to Him.  I love my Savior Jesus Christ I know He knows me and everyone individually.  I love this work!!! I am so grateful to have the opportunity to serve my Savior Jesus Christ for these 2 years, to work so close with Him and see His love for everyone, who I teach.

Love you!!!
Elder Woodward