October 19, 2015

8:35 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

Sister Lewis invited these Elders over to celebrate her anniversary of when she went on her mission in 1981.   She let Elder Hall choose what was for dinner since he was going home this week.   He chose breakfast for dinner.  They had waffles, eggs, bacons and milkshakes.  Sister Lewis posts daily her activities with the missionaries.    She always is taking pictures of them eating because she makes these amazing smorgasbord of delicious looking meals.   They always look very happy to have a home cooked meal.  

Hey mom!! 

I love you so much!  This email is going to be really short today because we have transfers and all this fun stuff haha.

This last week was really amazing!  I have had one of the greatest transfers here with Elder Spackman.  I have really enjoyed serving with him.  He is heading up to Wenatchee this week and I am getting Elder Johnson. I will be training Elder Johnson as a Zone Leader which is funny because I still feel like I am learning how to be a Zone Leader.  This past transfer I have learned so much about turning outwards especially when trials come!  A mormon message named Reflections explains it so well.  


When we go through trials if we turn outward,  looking outside of ourselves and think of others.  If we can look outside ourselves and think of others it can help us get through those hard things.  This is truly when we will find ourself and become so much happier. I truly have a testimony of this although it is so hard.  The natural man really wants to turn inward and focus on ourselves when trials happen.  Heavenly father wants us to  turn outward and serve others.  He wants us not to serve out of obligation but because we want to serve.  He wants us to serve with love for those that truly need it.   

I love you mom! Thank you for everything. Sister Lewis loves looking at pics of our family especially all of the kids she always says how attractive they are haha. 

Love you!!

Elder Woodward