October 12, 2015

2:28 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments


Hey mom!

Parker, Christian and Jaxon are good looking now... haha!  We spent our Pday at the Tree family home with the Selah Zone Playing football.  It is really cooling down here and really cold at night.   The fall here is really beautiful with so many farms and orchards of trees changing colors.  

I loved what you talked about giving a smile to everyone. There was a super cool story the elders told us this week. They were walking down a street and saw a guy who just looked like he needed some help. They talked to him and he said thank you for talking to me.  He said I was about to do something that I was going to regret. There are those people put in our paths that need help that need that smile and love form the Lord. We never know when we see someone what is going on in their life.  That friendly smile, nice jester or hello might be only positive thing that has happened in their life that day.  that story made me realize how important it is for me to reach out to everyone I see as if they need to feel loved.  I have been studying a ton about humility and really about my Savior Jesus Christ.  It is amazing to see how much we need Him in our lives.  I love my Savior so much.  I am grateful to have the knowledge that he lives and loves us.  We can feel his love and comfort by serving him, serving others and learning more about him.  

I love the scripture in Alma where he talks about Ammon.  Ammon talks about his nothingness and the greatness of god, and the power that comes when we lose ourselves in serving him, coming to know him by personal experience and personal studies.   Alma 26:12 Every week out here I have the blessing and opportunity to really know my Savior Jesus Christ more and more.  I feel so fortunate to have to opportunity to serve these amazing people in Washington that I have grown to love so much!  I love my mission and all the people I am abIe to serve with here.  I love you !

Elder Woodward