September 28, 2015

9:43 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

Zone Conference

Hey mom!!!! 

Thank you thank you thank you for the package it made my week!! It was so nice to get a package thank you for the protein and ALL the snacks!! Wow parker looking like a stud over there!! I miss you all so much! I was thinking about you a lot especially these past couple days.  I have been thinking about the verse in Proverbs 3 that you always told me.  Trusting in the lord with all thine heart is so hard to do especially through trials or hard times. You want to just get through it but the only way to get through it is through our Savior and putting ALL of our trust in Him and leaning not to our own understanding. Thank you mom for your amazing example to me!!! So you asked for a favorite General conference talks,  some of my favorite are the Challenge to become by Elder Dallin H Oaks and As Many as I Love, I Rebuke and Chasten by Elder D. Todd Christopherson they teach such awesome principles!  Especially the challenge to become.  Its really been something that I have learned the hard way, that what matters is who we become, not how much we know or what we did.  It matters most who we became. Did we become someone who loves the Atonement and applies it and changes to become better or just someone who knows a lot about it but was never changed by it... 

This week was an awesome week!  We were finally able to make contact with Rogelio and Sonya again.  They felt so bad for how long they have not heard more about the Restoration.  They noticed a difference in their home when the Spirit is there and they want it so bad!!! They are going to California this week.  Rogelio is a performer and sings.  So , ext week they will come back and want us to come over right when they get home! 

This week elder Shugart Elder Spackman and I experienced the craziest thing EVER!! Elder Shugart brought home a whole bunch of Peppers home from an investigator some Habaneros chiles de arbol and other peppers. We ate the chiles de arbol a couple weeks ago and they were pretty spicy.  The Habaneros we were to scared to try.  This week we were eating pizza, enjoying life, and all the sudden Elder Spackman says lets eat some habaneros. 5 seconds later we all ate these habaneros...... I have never gone through so much pain in my life. Within 10 seconds my throat, ears, nose and eyes were in so much pain... hahaha  It was the craziest thing ever...... But all spiciness aside, this week I am so excited for to be able to hear the prophet,  and all the other talks!  I love how they instruct us and enlighten us on the Gospel of Jesus christ and the power of the atonement.  I invite all of you to come prepared with a question in mind write it down and listen for the spirit to teach you and answer your question. I know with all my heart we have a living prophet on the earth today. I love you all!!

Elder Woodward