September 21, 2015

7:14 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments


These pictures are from the funnest branch activity ever!!! This activity was so fun.  the Elder's quorum president is a DJ.  He was DJAYING it up on the stage enjoying every minute of it.  I LOVE the Mexicans they are so funny!  Then they started to get really into the conga so we had to take off..haha.  The man is the black shirt is our branch president! Our branch has about 50 people in it.  The members are awesome I love them.  I have really been trying to understand the culture so they feel like I am one of them...haha. 

Our week ended very well this week.  The beginning of the week started off to be pretty hard.  Rogelio and Sonya got hit really hard with work and had no time to meet with us. They were telling us that they have never had this much work for them before, ever.   It made it really hard to see them this week.   They told us though that they are trying to make time.  They realized the huge difference it made in their week.  They said they felt like they needed to hear more about the restoration and they truly do want to learn more.  

This week was a huge testimony builder about turning outward.   Going through all of these hard trials this week came to a head on Thursday night.  I just kneeled down that night and said what do you want m to learn right now?  As soon as I finished I just waited until I got an answer.  I finally received an answer that I needed to study charity.   I woke up the next morning and studied charity.  I read the character of Christ and learned so much about charity.  I learned what I was supposed to do.  I needed to turn outward and stop worrying about what I was going through.  As soon as I started focusing on that instantly the days got better and I felt so much love for the people and the missionaries.   

I love you!!!
Elder Woodward