September 14, 2015

2:17 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

 Elder Woodward and Elder Spackman
 Meeting/trainings at Mission Presidents Home
Sister Lewis took a photo of the elder's because they all had on Paisley ties.
Meeting to welcome and train new missionaries.

We helped build bunk beds for the new missionaries.   Elder Hudson is back.


Transfers happened and we gained 4 more missionaries in the zone! Everyone is so excited and its going to be an awesome transfer.  We were able to help build bunk beds and get missionaries moved in.  We helped build beds for Elder Hudson and his companion.  It is so crazy for him to be here.  He was my first companion and now we are both in a different area a new mission and I am helping him get settled.  It is awesome to have him here.

We live with 2 other missionaries Elder Shugart from Parker CO and Elder Lewis from Missiouri. Do you remember a Brother Packard? He said he was in the stake presidency in Murrieta? He’s the high councilor over are branch he’s awesome!  We go to Presidents house for special meetings feels like we go there a lot.  I love them so much!!   We have a lot of trainings and meetings.  So we don’t get a ton of time in our area.   We go to members homes once a week for dinners.  I just bought a lot of stuff for PBJ’s and top ramen I should be good for the rest of the month…haha.  

This week Elder Spackman and I saw so many miracles of the Lords hand in our area. Rogelio and Sonya are honestly the most amazing family and a huge blessing from Heavenly father. They are basically teaching me every time we see them. They were describing the blessings they have seen from us coming over and sharing with them this message.   They have noticed there marriage increase and their love for each other grow. It was amazing to see them notice the hand of the Lord in their lives to know this is true. 

I have been really trying to get better at this doctrine of gratitude.  I have been really praying and searching through the day of what Heavenly father had done for me.  I have noticed that even when it may not be the best day looking for the hand of the Lord makes the days so much more awesome!!  Thank you for showing me the example of noticing blessings from God.  I always thought it was weird how you always were pointing that out but now I am so grateful.   I understand the importance of seeing his hand in everything and how much he blesses us daily when things are going good and not so good.  I am so grateful for your example to me.  I just want to say thank you mom for loving me so much!!! Thanks mom!!! I love you!!  

Elder Woodward