July 27, 2015

10:08 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

Chandler asked me to send him T25 a High Intensity exercise video series that many of the missionaries use.  When I sent it I included directions with a few items.  
1-Put head bands and wrist bands on 2-Insert DVD and sweat like crazy 3-take a photo and send to your mom 4-drink protein shake 5-pack protein bar for a healthy snack later 
5-grab a healthy lunch for you and your companion.  
He sent this photo today with a message thanks so much for the package we followed the directions.  :)

Hey Mom!!

What a crazy week we had this week.  Found out Saturday that I will be serving in the Yakima Spanish Zone with Elder Spackman as Zone Leaders.  We were in the MTC together. I am so sad to be leaving Wenatchee and everyone I love here but, I truly do know that when the Lord calls us somewhere he truly does provide for us.  Its amazing how inspired our Leaders of the Church are with our callings and everything.  I know that when we are called it is the Lord that has called us and he will help us and prepare us for whatever he needs us to do.  I love the stories of Nephi and how he was asked so many times to do specific things that the Lord asked of him.  The Lord always provided a way because of his obedience.  

I have learned so much here on my mission.  I have never felt so much of a desire to serve the Lord the rest of my life. I am so excited for what is in store for me in Yakima and the blessings and miracles we will see this next transfer.  I love being a missionary here. I get to see so many people in so many humbled situations here.  There are so many who get by with so little, it is so humbling.  At times I honestly do feel like I am serving in another country.  Its crazy to see the Lords hand in this work.  The people I meet feel like they were sent here to support their families financially in Mexico with the work here.   More and more I come to know they were guided here for other reasons. The Lord is the one who is helping us here.   I told you about our investigator Napoleon and his situation.   We had him come to a baptism and after we talked for a little bit and he was balling saying how much wants to be baptized!  It was so cool to see him feel Heavenly Fathers Love. 

I love you so much mom. Thank you for your faithfulness in the church for always showing me the example of being righteous and obedient I love you!

Please tell Parker not to forget to pack his rash creams for his Big Bear XC Camp...haha ;)  

Elder Woodward