March 9, 2015

2:27 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

 Hardest Door Knock Ever!!!

Studies get a little hectic! 

Not Sure What happened a little turned around!
(Once again I have been asking for more pictures.  These are the pictures that were sent with captions.    I love his fun personality, still cracking me up miles away! )  

We had an awesome experience with Isidro and his family this week.  We were teaching them and by the end of the lesson the whole family was with us reading the scriptures.  My whole 6 months I have been in Mattawa I have never seen a family change so much to become this happy family that they have centered their lives on the Savior.  It's amazing to see that the Gospel of Jesus Christ truly is for EVERYONE!  

This week I studied a lot about consecration: Giving everything you have to the Lord.  It was so awesome to see the miracles that me and Elder Wilson saw from putting some things on the alter of Sacrifice.  We are learning that we are not on our time, its the Lords time.  I am so grateful to be here in Washington and see how the Lord works with people. 

My Testimony of the Savior continues to grow each day it has been amazing to come to know My savior personally. I hope all of you can really spend this week on things that you need to do to become closer with the Savior Jesus Christ. 

Con Amor
Elder Woodward