March 2, 2015

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"I kept asking Chandler to please send pictures of him and his companion, 
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This week was a crazy learning experience for me.  I learned a lot about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

So, this past week was pretty hard.  A lot of our investigators dropped us or got anti-ed.  So, this week was spent with a lot of prayers pleading for a miracle.  This week and found 12 new investigators!  Most of them were families.  I really learned an awesome principle. When we do live The Doctrine of Christ and put faith in the Lord and go out and do the work that we will see miracles.  

President Johnson of the Temple spoke in Stake Conference Yesterday and said something that really stuck out to me.  He said, if you are living the Doctrine of Christ every day nothing permanently bad will ever happen to you and same vice versa if you are not living the Doctrine of Christ every day nothing permanently good will happen to you!  I really noticed that this week.  If we live the Doctrine of Christ every day we will have trails but they will fly by and we will see the miracles come from our enduring to the end.  I love The Doctrine Of Christ and my Savior.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have trials.  In a Mormon Message called "Forgiveness my burden was made light"  The man says I love trials not because they are easy or desired but because they help us grow and love.  I am truly grateful for My savior Jesus Christ for the Sacrifice he made for me.  I know he suffered for me and everyone.  We can can all accept it if we choose to grab on to his hand and let him change us.  This week pray for the opportunity to be able to serve someone. 

Our temple president said to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the WORLD. 

I love you all. Have an amazing week!!

Elder Woodward

Here is the link to Forgiveness: My Burden Made Light"