February 23, 2015

8:06 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

This week was pretty good.  We had some cool experiences.  We have had to really rely on faith these past weeks.   One of our on dates got anti-ed by his mom and doesn't want to learn more about the church.   It was really disappointing. 

This week we really had to put our faith in the Lord.  We tried serving as many people as we could this week.  We tried cleaning ALL of Mattawa since the Spirit cannot dwell in unclean places.  We walked all over town picking up trash.   As we were cleaning we had a couple people come clean with us.  Some even made fun of us.  It was nice to see people smile when they saw it what we were doing.  

At night everyone worries for us and says why are you walking?  Have you not been robbed yet? This week really was a trial of Faith.  I learned a lot of how hard you have to work and even when it seems like the Lord is not in our lives.  I have learned that he really is there.  He wants to see if you will push through the trial and come to him in prayer and the scriptures.  I have found answers in the scriptures when I thought I was alone.   He wants us to push through things so we learn to go to him and to help us grow.

I love you all!  
Elder Woodward