February 9, 2015

10:30 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments


SO, I am staying in Mattawa for another 6 weeks.  Its getting pretty hard here. We keep track of every new person we talk to each day that we share the church with.   I have talked to almost everyone here, seriously haha.  Its good though because I’ve made some cool friends haha.  One guy who is not always ALL there because he’s on some drug, his name is Marcos he always comes up to us and gives me hug and calls me his best friend haha.

This week was pretty AWESOME! Of course we had some hard times but the Miracles over threw those!  We got dropped by Alex he was the one who knew the Book of Mormon was true from looking at it.  His parents told us that he will never change religions so we cant come back again.  It was really hard.  Last Monday we got a call from Leo saying to come over and give his mom a blessing she wasn.t feeling good.  She was very depressed because some of her kids got deported to Mexico. She asked me to give the blessing I was freaking out because I needed to do it in Spanish.  I’m still not comfortable with Spanish that much too give a blessing it made me more nervous. But after the Blessing she started balling and crying and saying "thank you Lord thank you”.  She told us how she has never felt so comforted and at peace.  She said I feel the love of God.  It was amazing to really see the power of God and how much he knows everyone of us. I love Leo and his Mom Fransisca they are one of the most amazing people ever and are so humbled.  I love serving the Lord.  There is no where else I would rather be.  I love my Savior Jesus Christ his Sacrifice the Atonement is real!  I have seen it help so many peoples lives who thought no one knew them or loved them.  Thank you for all your support and your prayers.  

That is so sad about Barbara Hoyt, she was such a sweet lady and always so nice to me?  We ran into a guy this week who mentioned he will never join the church but when he dies he wants to have a mormon funeral.  He said he went to a mormon funeral and was really touched by it.   He said he was impressed that everyone believed what they taught and he could really see that there.   He said every church says they believe in life after death but we were the only church that showed that. Our funerals are happy and there was a really neat feeling there.  

Being in this area for so long has allowed me to grow really close to people.  I have never felt so close to people in my life that I feel sorrow and sadness for them and pray for them because I love them!   I have seen some really sad hard things.  I have seen the strength in the atonement.  I saw a man experiencing great sadness and heartache stand up knowing what he was experiencing.  You could see his sadness and hear it in his voice.  He said Jesus Christ lives and suffered for me so I can be comforted in difficult times, it was so powerful.   

I am so happy to be born in this gospel. All my life I have wanted to be a covert to have that "cool" story to share.  But now I am so happy that I didn’t need to find it in life I had it all my life and have been blessed so much because of it!

Love you so much!
Con Amor!