February 2, 2015

9:30 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

Hey Everyone! 

Super Bowl yesterday was hardest day for missionary work…haha.   I didn’t think the people in this area liked football so much!  It was almost impossible to talk to someone. 

We had a lesson with Leo and went Bishop Calaways house.  We arrived at his house right at the end of the game. When we got there and Bishop answered the door and said sorry you have to wait outside for a minute, we cant start the lesson right now.  So, we laughed waited outside and heard a huge NO!!  So for those of you who saw the game probably know where that was at then d of the game…haha So maybe that is why the Seahawks lost because you shouldn’t deny the missionaries in your home;) 

I just want to start off with how great of a week this week was. I have never been so blessed.  Recently I have been thinking of my self to much.  I was thinking of Elder Woodward and not of the Savior the past week.  I really tried to focus everything on the Savior and do what President Hinkley says, and "forget yourself and get back to work”.  Wow, what an amazing thought!  This is not my time its the Lords.  We had an opportunity to give a blessing to Brother Bird this week, he is one of our Ward Missionairies.  After the blessing he shared an amazing experience with us and told us how Jealous he is of us and said whatever you do DO NOT WASTE HIS TIME.  It really hit me hard.  Focusing on the Savior this week really helped me to see the blessings he is blessing Mattawa with.  I really gained a huge testimony of how God answers our prayers in His ways not ours.  

I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Doman one of our Zone Leaders and learned so much of the importance of Faith in His work.  We both learned so much and had an awesome time.  This week the power of the Book of Mormon really hit me.  We had an amazing miracle on exchanges.  We invited this guy named Alex to pray in his heart of a question about life he has.  After his Prayer in his heart we asked him to flip the Book of Mormon to a random page. We told him that he might have to read a couple pages.  The First page he turned to while we were talking he said, "Stop talking I have received my answer I know that this book is true.”  I have never shut up so fast!  Me and Elder Doman looked at each other and were like AWESOME!  It was so amazing to see the power of the Book Of Mormon and power of Prayer.  I invite everyone to do the same.  Heavenly Father knows Everyone of us and is waiting to hear from us so he can help us.  I have gained such a strong testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ! I know he knows me and knows what I have been through he is waiting there to help us get through everything through his sacrifice the atonement. 

Can you and the Family in your prayers pray for Leo and his mom? Leo is such a stud Im writing you a letter about him today his mom read the Book of Mormon for 3HOURS!!!  She said she can’t go to sleep without it!  I can not believe how strong my testimony has gotten this week of the Book of Mormon!  

Mom make sure you pull the camera back on those selfies of you and dad it almost looks like dad is bald! Just kidding I love you dad!  We knocked on a door and the game was on of course and that song cats in the cradle came on and it made me think of Dad and parker how we use to listen to it haha. I feel amazing seriously like. Its awesome!!  I got a haircut and Sister Sabin the Lady that cuts my hair, her son just got back from his mission a couple months ago were super close with them.  Anyways she asked me how my Emails are to my family and I kinda laughed and said they could be better... She looked at me and said I know just how she feels. we both laughed.  She said take pics and write more.  I call her my Mattawa Mom because she reminds me of you mom.  I love you so much!!  Yes, mom I am sating warm, we live with this sweet old lady and she has the heat so HIGH, we are always dying!!! We are going to Othello like usual play some sport today.  Were going to the temple next transfer!  Oh please don’t send anything to the P.O. box send it to the mission office its the last week of the transfer!

I love you all and hope you know how much I love you. 

Elder Woodward