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Hey everyone!! 

How are you doing? This week was pretty crazy we didn't have a lot of time to proselyte because we were in meetings all week.  Thursday we went to Tri-Cities for a meeting and took Fernando in early to get fixed at the dealer, 12 hours later we got home... They took forever to fix our car.   Fernando is about to die soon he’s running at 45000 miles and they retire them at 50 so only a little bit longer to live...ha!

I have been speaking way more Spanish than English I am to the point where I actually am feeling comfortable!!

I am so grateful for the amazing gift of the Atonement in our lives. I feel so blessed to go to our Savior when were having a bad day and be able to ask him to help us to show us how we can get through our hard day or trial we are having. I have seen the Atonement affect so many peoples lives on my mission.  I hope everyones 80 day challenge is going awesome!! I have noticed as I'm looking for specific things in the scriptures is when I receive the most answers to my prayers.

Con Amor

Elder Woodward