Anaid Baptism

8:00 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

 Thanks for the updates on the fam!! Mattawa Is super awesome!! 
I loved our baptism!! Anaid was one of the most prepared spiritual people I have ever met.  It is amazing to see how the Lord is hastening his work!  Its really sad now that we have 0 investigators! Its so hard to find elect people here we get about 18 OYMs a day but no one wants to learn right now.  It's hard because its still harvest so only a couple more months and all the people leave! One thing that hit me after baptizing Anaid was now I see everyone as they can become in a white jumpsuit entering the waters of Baptism.  Mom and Dad I love serving now I have never felt the Love of the Lord so much as I am now!! 
Spanish is getting a lot easier Im finally speaking with all the natives comfortably and not looking like a white boy who watches to much Nacho Libre.  No one speaks English in Mattawa so I feel like Im serving outside the country, I love it!  Me and Elder Hudson are doing awesome we are having a lot more fun now!! I can't believe Beau's farewell is already this weekend, that came fast.   
Can you have the family pick 1 characteristic of Christ in Ch 6 of PMG and really apply and try and gain that characteristic? I love my mission president hes such a stud!! He is the most loving man I have ever met!!! When I talked with him last I felt the Love of the Lord through him and felt that chain being broke off of my ankle and seeing Christs hands open welcoming me and bringing me into his chest!  I love you thank you for everything you do for me! 
Elder Woodward