Many Miracles This Week

9:43 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

I love the pics!!!! Nice tights Christian!!!  Love the look Jax!! Hey mom! How are you doing! I’ve missed you so much!! Everything reminds of you and the family!!! I love you! I hope everything is going okay. THANK YOU so much for the jacket it saved my life!  It is getting REALLY cold here.  

This week was so awesome and very crazy.  I had an interesting dinner this Friday.  We eat with the Mexicans once every 4 weeks but most of them never sign up but this week they signed up and there all from Mexico.  So they have weird foods.  We get there and there’s all these tacos laid out so I’m like sweet carne asada or something good!

We sit down and they pull this big bag out.  Inside the bag were all these dead grasshoppers and worms.  I looked at Elder Hudson and said it’s the mission might as well.  After handfuls of grasshoppers and some worms chugged down with Horchata we finally left.  We get in the car and feel like Death!

I was so sick the rest of the night.  Elder Hudson got it bad the next day we had to stay inside all day because of how sick he was! It was crazy!! HAHAHA 

Me and Elder Hudson saw so many miracles this week.   During weekly planning last week we prayed specifically to have the spirit tell us exactly where to knock for each unfilled hour of the day.  We went out this week and found a new investigator in each place where the Spirit guided us to knock.  We got 7new investigators this week!  It was such a miracle, we have been really praying to find new investigators.  Yesterday me and Elder Hudson were tracking and saw a guy washing his car.  We talked and he told us that he’s a member of the church but hasn’t been to church in 6 years.  He doesn't feel worthy because he used to drink and smoke.   I felt sad for him not only because he hasn't been able to partake of the sacrament each week but because he hasn’t felt the love of the Atonement and the blessing we have to repent and to be forgiven!  We are trying so hard to help him understand the power of the atonement but he just couldn't understand the Love of Christ.   

I love you all so much!  

Elder Woodward