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Hey Everyone!!

We found a snake in our apartment and we had an awesome photo shoot with it!  (photos next week)

This week was another week of so many miracles and hastening of the work!  Elder Hudson really helped me out this week with helping me not be discouraged.  Our Family that was on our Focus list dropped us on Monday.  We were trying so hard to be persistent and help them see this is the truth the restored church on the earth.  But they were not listening to the Spirit.  After leaving the lesson I was pretty discouraged and felt really down! Elder Hudson told me that discouragement is a tool of the adversary, it really helped me. I felt so much better after and we kept going to work.  We planned the same as we did last week and we found 5 new investigators! We found another family this week their names are Victor y Aida.  They are very prepared he has a hard time with the Book of Mormon but knows if he reads it he will know its true! Please pray for him this week. 

The Apples have almost been all picked so we can finally start finding people home now!! Im so excited for this week!! 

Love ya,
Elder Woodward

Hey MOM!!!

Im so happy to hear about your missionary opportunities thats such an awesome miracle!!! I have been thinking about you all week and found super cool scriptures that I thought you would like!  One of them is D&C 24:8  8 “Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many; but endure them, for, lo, I am with thee, even unto the end of thy days.”

Also can you watch as a family tonight the Mormon Message "None were with Him" by Elder Holland.  Focus on the line at the end "He walked a lonely path so we don't have to" I love that video!!