Week 4 trip to the Mexico City Temple

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This week has been very awesome we taught our investigators so well this week. While we were teaching Juan Jose I had this really strong impression to ask him how is wife is how is job is and what does he need from us. Right then he just started pouring out to us what was going on and we finally were able to have him commit to reading and attending the church. We talked to him about faith and to read Mosiah 7:33 that says how through faith all things are possible. He really took that in and our next visit said his life is so much happier. Our other Investigator Josue was in a really sad mood and we found out his grandma died and we were all crying baring testimony about the Plan Of Salvation and how he can live with his Grandma again. It was a very spiritual week and I loved it!! We were able to go to the Mexico City Temple.  

I got my first hair cut this week. It was scary she kept looking at her Facebook while cutting my hair and spoke only spanish.   I was nervous to look at myself in the mirror after.  

The language is coming a long very good I was in a plato for awhile but now I’m starting to improve again.   We can only speak spanish in the classroom which is most of the day.   

Im feeling a lot better we had this big Flu virus and went through our whole district I’m still praying I don’t get it.  The last dinner was the worst it was uncooked hotdogs in peach juice.  It was disgusting!  Tuesdays are my favorite we have PIZZA for dinner.  I have managed to gain 10lbs.   

Yesterday we had a new teacher she was seriously a drill sergeant.  She was probably 4ft tall but she was scary.  Every time we got an answer wrong she would make us do 10 push-ups and 10 burpees in our dress shirts.  It was so much fun.  She said something that I thought was really cool.  Everyone will think that we are perfect and expect the most out of us.  So, don’t do anything the Savior wouldn’t do.  

I love you so MUCH!!!

Love, Elder Woodward 

P.S.  It is really cool seeing familiar faces.  I see London Tasker and I am with Jordan Mattson.  

 Inside visitor Center of the Mexico City Temple
 Mexico City Temple
 Random horses walking down main street