Week 5 Last week at the CCM

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This week we are feeling so blessed!  Since this Blog is seen by close friends and family I thought I would share why Chandler started his letter as he did.   Friday Night Parker was in an accident as you see by the pictures.  The entire night every person continued to comment on how lucky he was because he was able to climb out the back of the jeep and walked away with minor cuts and bruises.  After we spent a few hours at the scene Christian made a comment that stuck with me.   "Mom, I know it wasn't luck that Parker is ok.  I know he was protected."  When Chandler went on his mission he was promised that each one of his families members would be watched over.  He was told that each family member would be able to count the blessings individually because of his service.  Christian also said, "Mom I know that this was one of those blessings that Chandler was promised."  Sometimes it is easy to overlook how much Heavenly Father is involved in our lives.  I know he watches over us and is aware of each one us.  That doesn't mean that we will not go through life with out struggles or trials but he will bless us when we are in them!  I know he was there during this one.

OH MY GOSH!!!!! HOW IS PARKER IS HE OKAY???? That is so scary and such a blessing he didn’t get hurt!!!  When I looked at the pictures I was in shock and so grateful that he is okay!!!!  

I am getting all my flight stuff today and I am so excited!!  

The Language is going really good this week i have been talking in only Spanish NO ENGLISH the past 2 days me and my companion get in fights a lot because we cant understand each other, hahaha!  

Thank you so much for the package its so nice getting american snacks hahaha I went Through the trail mix so fast hahaha.  I can not wait to leave we just said goodbye to a district in our zone who are going to fort lauderdale Florida! They were so cool and nice it made me so excited to leave and serve the Lord!! 

I had the best Sunday ever this week!! We heard a devotional from Jeffrey R. Holland It was amazing he talked to us about John 21 and talked about our love for Jesus Christ and how we need to be willing to do anything for the our Savior to show our love.  We then watched Joseph Smith the restoration I have never felt the way I have before then I did. I truly felt like this was one of the many moments of me being truly converted to the gospel. I am so thankful for Joseph Smith I think sometimes I take it for granted and don”t realize how much he did and overcome and the trials he went through and never once dropped his faith. I cant wait to be in Kennewick and try my absolute best to be the Lords best Servant and do whatever he asks of me.

Thats awesome Jordan got his call there what part is that of WA??  Tell him congrats!

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and cant wait to hear from you Tell Parker I love him!!

I love you So much 

Elder Woodward