Week 3 from the CCM

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Chandler wasn't able to send any pictures this week.  So, I am attaching one that was taken right before he left from our backyard.  Photo Credits to Lauren Stolworthy :)


This week was so amazing!! We got back from the Mexico City temple and were able to walk through the visitors center.  There was this amazing video they showed us of this family who almost lost their son and lost their grandpa.  The most awesome part of it was how happy they were that their grandpa was able to go to Our Heavenly Father and be with his family again.  We are all so blessed to have the amazing opportunity to live with each other and our Father in heaven again. 

We had this spiritual devotional this week about the glorious Resurrection. How we will all be in perfect form! My district had such an amazing opportunity last night. My district Leader gave all 4 of our Hermanas blessings and the spirit was so strong.  It is such a blessing to be able to have the authority of God if we remain worthy and do whats right. It was so awesome being able to have all 8 worthy priesthood holders giving a blessing. We had so many spiritual experiences this week we taught an amazing lesson to one of our investigators Juan Jose about the Plan of Salvation he started crying because how important family is to him and he loved all we had to say.  
Its amazing how humbling I have become in this mission and how everything we do is for the work of God. A cool story from Elder Holland I heard was what are you going to say when you meet someone you knew in heaven and they ask you why didn’t you share this amazing gospel with me earlier in life.   Its so important to make sure we share our loving heavenly Fathers work to everyone we know!!

Thank you so much for sending me the pics of Ryans wedding.  Ryan and Hannah, I wish I could be there to meet Hannah and be with everyone! 

I don’t have my camera cord to charge my camera so I will send pictures next week.  I love you all so much, make sure everyone read the scriptures as a family.  It is amazing the happiness it brings into homes.  

I love you all so much!!!


Elder Woodward