July 29th, Week 2 at the CCM

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Today we were able to be online the same time Chandler was.  So what follows is a cut and paste of our conversation.

HOLA!! Mi Mama 

The MTC is such a spiritual place!!  I miss the temple so bad we are going to the Mexico City Temple Visitors Center in a couple weeks im so excited!! This week was even more spiritual and amazing. 

This week we received 2 new investigators I felt like I should challenge me and my companion to never have a script or the little red Spanish book. We are the only ones who did it. And the spirit was so strong!!!! We had our best lessons and our Spanish was so amazing I really felt like I was speaking everything the Lord wanted Juan Jose to hear! I started balling because the spirit was so strong!

One of the many things they have taught me here that has helped me a lot is how simple the Gospel is how and simple you have to teach it here. It really is so simple and amazing that we have so much knowledge of it

Elder Davison is a convert to the church just a year ago and has a really cool conversion story! So he was completely Atheist because churches weren’t logical to him. But he never really knew anything about the LDS church. He started talking with his girlfriend who was a member about lessons and the missionaries came over and taught him and they told him just to read a couple versus and truly sincerely pray to know if they were true.

So he prayed and said," God are you there? Are these things true?" After that he said He just felt this crazy feeling and thought something was wrong and called Carly and told her and she said that’s the Spirit... He told me that this church was just so logical and had everything backed up and there was absolutely no way that it wasn’t real.

There are so many Spiritual experiences here. Being a missionary has been amazing we watched this video of being like Christ and being humble and the mission makes me so humble! I never have time to think of myself because I constantly am thinking about my investigators and what the Lord wants them to here it’s absolutely amazing!! I am already ready to leave the MTC I just want to get out in the mission field and perform the Lords work!!! 

I can’t wait to hear back from you later today and talk more about everything. I love you mom!!!

I forgot to tell you another Spiritual experience!! We got to hear a recorded devotional from Elder Holland! 
He is so awesome I love hearing him! He was saying how on our missions we will have the voice of the 
Lord that will be so strong. In Mosiah 27:11 it says And as i said it unto you as they were going to about 
rebelling against God, behold the angel of the Lord appeared unto them and he descended as it were in a 
cloud and he spake as it were with a voice of thunder which caused the earth to shake upon which they stood.

I thought it was so cool that the harder I work that the Lord will make sure everyone who wants to hear my 
voice will hear it!! Another awesome thing in the Spanish language which I love is as Missionaries we use 
the form Usted which is formal for you but when we pray we use Tu which is an informal and personal from 
of you. Meaning that we know our Heavenly Father and we have a relationship with him!! I thought that was 
awesome!!! Can’t wait to hear back from all of you!!!

I love you so much! Keep reading and going to the temple! Have an amazing week I love you guys so so so much!!!