July 22, 2014 Hola from the CCM in Mexico city

5:15 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

Hey guys!!

I forgot my camera charger at the house so I cant email you all the pictures right now.

The CCM is such a beautiful place it is seriously so green here they take care of this place like crazy. We are in one of the worst parts of Mexico so we have this like 15-20 foot fall and guys with AK-47s protecting us haha. The first night was crazy I couldn't sleep not just because of how emotional I was but because of the gun shots, sirens, and thousands of stray dogs there are. There is an intense Prison right across from us that has this huge loud crazy siren that goes off at night because people are escaping! It is such a spiritual place here I feel the spirit and have spiritual experiences constantly. Sundays are absolutely the best days ever its like a Spiritual High everyone is in tears. Spanish is coming along okay I'm definitely not close to being fluent but i feel more and more comfortable each day! As my Spanish increase though my English gets worse and worse haha. Me and my companion Elder Poulter from Utah had to teach our first investigator who will be our teacher next week to tell us how we did. But it still felt crazy because he only speaks Spanish. This week we actually have to teach a real native who sometimes will be a newly convert, a person who has heard about the church, or someone who doesnt even know about God. I have prayed more in a day than i have in months i feel like we say prayers all the time. I have learned a lot this week though. The spirit is such an amazing gift to learn from they tell us hear that the spirit does the converting by changing there souls and heart we just speak with the Spirit. One thing President Pratt our CCM president told us was how many blessing we recieve from Heavenly Father for the little work we do. So here on our mission we get to repay for the many blessings we have recieved. I love you guys all so much cant wait to hear back from you.

Love, Elder Woodward