February 29, 2016

10:13 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

So, Jessica taught the greatest lesson about the Sacrament.  During the lesson she said, "Us as Members of the church”.  Then she paused and was so excited she said “US” haha.   She left to Mexico today for 2 weeks to visit her daughter and when she gets back she wants to be baptized!!  It’s so exciting to see her day by day overcome her fears and doubts! 

This week was a learning week for sure. I was praying to know what I needed to learn and become.   Each day that I was reading the scriptures I kept coming across scriptures that talk of obedience.  Nephi the prophet in the Book Of Mormon talks about how if we are obedient to the laws and commandments of God, he will prepare a way for us. I know this is true.  As we working this week we could not get into a door or have someone listen to this message of Jesus Christ.  As we went on throughout the week we remembered that if we opened our mouth and talked to everyone we can God would provide us with someone who is prepared.  It started to get harder and harder each day as we felt we were being obedient and talking with EVERYONE to the point where we would speed walk side by side with old ladies, haha.  We did everything we could and the same thing was happening the whole week we weren't having any success.  

Last night at 8:30 we said a prayer and told Heavenly Father how we were feeling and just wanted to teach someone.  As we left the car we felt prompted to go talk to this one guy we talked to earlier that week.  We went to his door and he answered and said he only had a couple minutes to talk. He had us sit down and said he wanted his family to hear about this as well.  He went into the other room and brought out his family of 15!!! 15 PEOPLE!!!! The coolest experience to see this HUGE family of 15 on this tiny sofa.  People were hanging off the edge, sitting on top of each other,  all to hear the message of Jesus Christ.   They all wanted us to come back this week.  It was a huge blessing and an opportunity to learn that truly if we are obedient to the commandments and press forward with Faith HE will provide the way!  We may not see the miracle or blessing come so quick but they will come!!! 

I love you all! 

Love Elder Woodward