August 24, 2015

9:56 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

Last week service in one of the districts in his mission

Cleaning up Yakima

These are photos of the missionaries doing service work is from Sister Lewis


This week was the best and most stressful week of my mission.  Last Monday we were able to meet with the Ceja family who have been meeting with missionaries for years but just couldn’t get baptized. We went to their home on Monday and taught them the why behind baptism.   It was so amazing to see  how the spirit works and the Hand of the Lord in this work.  As soon as we mentioned Baptism questions were brought up like what do i need to do to be ready.  It was amazing!  We invited them for this Saturday and they all said yes!! It was the most spiritual lesson I have ever been in! Its amazing to see how the Lord prepares people and how many of our Brothers and Sisters are ready to receive this wonderful message that we share!

We spent the week in different districts doing service cleaning up in the communities. 

The fires are crazy here!! I haven’t seen the sun once this week its been so smoky and nasty here!! I don’t have a lot of time today.   Elder Spackman and I get to go up to meet Elder Packer for a special conference for zone leaders I cant wait, it is going to be amazing!  I am so sorry this is so short!!! I will have more time next week.  

Elder Woodward