May 25, 2015

8:33 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

Hello Everyone,

Today isn't our PDAY it is one of our normal days because of the Holiday and we are going to the Temple on Wednesday.   The Temple is a little over 3 hours from us and we also will be picking up other Elder’s.  It will be an all day event so we are emailing today.  I drive a sweet passenger Van so we can transport Elders throughout the zone.  That is so cool you all got to go together on Saturday with Jax for his first time.  I am can’t wait to go with all of you.  I can’t believe that picture, please tell me Christian is standing on something!  You all better not pass me up before I get home. haha

We are living with 2 other Elders that are called floaters.  They go where they are needed when there is a lot of work going on.  Since we have been here we have started a branch.  We currently have 7 people in it.   This has been an awesome group of Elders to work with.    Today we are going over to see one of our investigators one of them is David’s Family, he is 9.  He is such a stud and wants to be baptized.

This week was a pretty good week.  We found this awesome Investigator named Ethan he is 14 and is a stud! He has the biggest desire to follow God I have ever seen.  He was baptized Catholic when he was a kid and wants to know if has to be baptized again.  He keeps on reading the Book of Mormon and Praying.  I have been praying as well that he will receive his answer.  I have been getting pretty impatient because I want him to receive his answer.  I have thinking a lot about that lately how Heavenly Father answers our prayers and Prayer in General.  It’s amazing that we have the opportunity to talk to an all powerful God our Heavenly Father who wants to listen, he will always listen and wants to hear from us.  I invite all of you to build your relationship with your Heavenly Father to go to Him constantly and ask Him questions.  I know he wants us to come to him with questions.  Questions are what make us grow and learn.  I love being able to share this message that Heavenly Father loves us so much that He has restored His church on this Earth again! 

Love you all,
Elder Woodward