January 19, 2015

5:53 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments


I had one of the most amazing weeks on my mission.  It started off so hard!  We Decided to drop all of our investigators in faith that Heavenly Father was going to give us more miracles for our sacrifice.  It was so  hard because I got pretty close with a lot of the families.   We had to remember that we are here on the Lords time.   If people aren’t keeping commitments and trying then we need to give it to Lord to prepare them some more!  It was very hard the next couple of days! We prayed constantly for miracles.  

We were tracting on Saturday and were not having any success.  We prayed and asked for a miracle.  The next door we knocked on was this girl named Marisol she opened the door and yelled Elders!! Come in! Me and Elder Wilson looked at each other and were pretty nervous because that never happens.  She said she has been reading the Book of Mormon and was taking the discussions from other Elders but had to move and couldn’t get the Elders her Address.   It was an amazing miracle.  It was so awesome seeing what happens when we do what the Lord wants us to do and not think of what we want to do.  

This week can you and the family pray for opportunities to help the missionaries there? Like having a lesson at your house, going out with them, something to help the work.  What I have learned is the work doesn’t really go anywhere if members aren’t helping.  Mom being out on my mission especially Mattawa really makes me love this gospel and love how much you and dad have helped us be in this church!  I love you so much I am so sorry for how I didn’t appreciate your love and sacrifice for me before the mission.   Know how much I love you!!!

I love you!!!

Elder Woodward