Week 8 from Mattawa

9:11 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

SO this week was very hard its so hard to talk to everyone. This week was definitely a time where i really had to focus on my purpose and the atonement!  It’s amazing how the Atonement can help our lives I have always thought about is as just repentance and pain but it is one of the most beautiful things we have!  It’s an opportunity to be able to turn to our Savior in times that are hard and to be able to put all our faith in him because he knows how to get through everything and is the only person who has felt exactly what we have felt.   

Mattawa is ALL farms haha it is seriously so beautiful but there really is nothing around here we don’t have McDonalds, Walmart, any big stores... BUT we do have Tacos hahaha theres this Flea Market that so many people come to on Saturdays it’s so awesome. haha Mattawa it self looks like Little Mexico theres barely anyone in the city and they are ALL Mexican haha which is exactly what I want!:)  Everyone lives in trailers and they are not nice ... The people are all Catholic and don’t want to change.  EVERYONE works they are all here for picking season so its hard to be able to talk to just one person! I drive a Ford Fusion:) haha nothing like Big Yella RIP:( ..... I need a name haha I have a LG something it is pretty bad our service is HORRIBLE! SO our phone is pointless because its dead half the time! 

Me and Elder Hudson are doing pretty good we definitely don’t have a lot in common he’s super obedient and it gets me really mad sometimes(HA) BUT I know I’m his companion because the Lord knows I will learn something from him and he will learn something from me.  My Spanish is doing a lot better I can talk faster more comfortably and people don’t give me weird faces when I talk to them haha SO when we got here we were swept in and knew no one the area book had only 3 investigators and our Branch Mission Leader told us that our area needed a fresh start so start knocking so thats all we have been able to do we cant find Investigators because no one is home and everyone will leave in the next couple months to California so thats really hard. Thursday was going to be such an awesome day we had planned to teach 3 new people Fransisco a guy who we were hoping was going to be an Investigator, Vicente who says he wants to be baptized this month!!! And Fernando... SO we went to go teach Fransisco and he wasn’t there so we got really bummed and went over to teach Vicente and he didn’t show up so we went to Jorge our branch Mission Leader and went to Vicentes house he was not keeping the Word of Wisdom and was not able to talk at all so that was SO disappointing:( We then went over to Fernandos and when we get there Jorge says HIM are you sure? SO, we freak out and find out he was playing us and just wanted to Bible Bash so Jorge took off haha and Me and Elder Hudson start talking to him.  He jumps in first and starts telling at us about how were all wrong and goes on and on so finally Elder Hudson says that all were doing right now is taking away the Spirit and we just want to share our message that we know can help your life so he gets all mad and kicks us out..... This week was very hard but me and Elder Hudson know that because of our Obedience we will be blessed with a miracle this week.  I love you so much much.  Thank you for always being such a great example to me.  

Love Elder Woodward

Today we got hair cuts, and cleaned our place now were emailing were going to Othello to shop because we don’t have anything here and we play sports in the stake center! Can you send me my basketball shoes and  also send me a list of everyone in the family with their Birthdays, Woodwards and Bartons!  The members do not feed us much and we don’t have a lot of money.  There is a small store and everything is very expensive.  Can you please send me any snacks or food I am always starving!