Week 7, My first area is Mattawa, WA

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Hermano Tapia and Hermano Soto who was my favorite hes going to BYU in 2 years so were all going to meet with him and Ill finally be able to talk to him spanish fluently to him.

Hey mom,

I absolutely loved your package it couldn’t make me any happier:) Thank you so so so much!!  I haven’t bought groceries yet so but it will be interesting.  The PILLOW IS AMAZING you sent I loved the package!! For packages just send it to the mission home and they will get it to me I don’t have a mailbox here.

Picture of Mt. Rainier from the plane and the landing strip into Mattawa, WA.

My first area is Mattawa, WA!!!  My flight in the site of Mt. Rainer.  

Its very different theres 95% Mexican here its basically all farms they just got their first Post Office.   We have to go Othello the city over to do our shopping. The population is 4400.  The people here are so nice and very welcoming!  I love it here.  Mt. Rainier is in my mission.  It is absolutely beautiful here and at night the stars are amazing!!   My companion is awesome he’s from Alberta, Canada and loves the work here and is VERY Obedient.    Here is a picture of the first meal I made for myself, it is a Quesadilla .  HAHAHA!

We live with a old lady which we don’t know how because she’s a Widow but we are in her basement and never see her its a beautiful place right on the farm.  

The language is very difficult but I thought it was going to be a lot more hard. I understand a lot but there’s a lot of different accents and they speak really fast.  We walk a lot because its a very small city and very rural.  We don’t know anyone so we tract all the time!   

We got swept in so were both new to the area and have no idea if we have any investigators or Baptisms so we started over and went tracting the first couple days.  Since most of the people work on the farms the majority of the people are working from early until late.  They are hard workers.  Yesterday we were out and met this guy named Fernando who is a Catholic all his life but knew there was something more so he let us in.  We talked and gave him a Book Of Mormon and he said he will read it so we get to go back this week and talk again to our First Investigator.   I was able to teach him and I kept messing up on the words, I wasn’t really sure what I was saying and the way he looked at me I knew I wasn’t making sense.  At the end he looked at me and said I am not really sure what you just said but I felt the spirit when you were talking so I want to learn more.  

I love you all so much!
Love Elder Woodward