Trip to the Columbia River Temple

9:39 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

Yesterday we went to the Columbia River temple

This week was so awesome!!!! We got a sneak peek of the movie Meet the Mormons coming out in theaters October 10.  IT IS SO AWESOME!!!! You have to go see it and share it as much as you can its not preachy at all and has a lot of funny parts but is so spiritual at the same time!! 

We are teaching Anaid all the time I cant believe how prepared she is by the Lord! She wants this so bad, her family is everything to her! The Spirit is always so strong in the room when we teach!! She came to the Spanish branch this Sunday with her family and loved it!! I went up and bore my testimony in as much Spanish as I could and testified of the Saviors atonement for us and how blessed we are to be able to live with our families forever! We are teaching her tonight and putting her on date to be baptized on 19 of October!!!!  I am so excited!!!

Fernando (Our Ford Fusion) is falling apart my door doesnt open from the inside any more, haha! To make it better we were driving back from an appointment yesterday and got a flat tire.   We were so mad, haha!  We pull over on the side of the road without realizing that we park next to this Dairy with HUGE mountains of rotten onions!!!  I screamed in the car Elder Hudson GET OUT OF HERE IM GOING TO DIE!!! It was one of the worst smells I have ever smelt before, hahaha!!  So, after we get to a better smelling area we changed our tire and put this little Donut spare on that is so tiny!! Hopefully Fernando makes it through this week, haha. 

Elder Hudson has this funny theory about making sure dogs don’t bite you if you stick your foot in the fence. hahaha...... SO yesterday we were tracting and we go to this house and this chiuaha is going crazy!!  So, he tries his theory and this dog latches onto his foot and he screams WHAT THE SNUFF!!! hahaha! I could not stop laughing.

The 1st picture is out side of our seminary building, its our base camp in Mattawa.  We cant go back to our place after we leave because its so far from Mattawa!! The 2nd is the beautiful morning of my day outside my house!!! I love Harvest because everything is so Green!!!!! 

I love you all so much!!!

Elder Woodward