December 22, 2014

9:38 PM Chandler Woodward 0 Comments

Hey Everyone!! 

So crazy NEWS!!! The mission is splitting in July they are making a Yakima Mission.  So, I could be in a different mission with a different mission president.  I have no idea when I find out.

This week was pretty hard with everyone leaving and preparing for Christmas but still plenty of miracles.  First, we had our Zone Conference it was such a sweet experience the Spirit was so strong.  President Ware told us to put our investigators in the lords hands.  He told us to be joyful for the next 3 hours.  It was such a relief just thinking about the Savior and singing Christmas songs.  

We put the Madrigal family on date for the 10th of January. They are such an awesome family and really want to know everything before they commit.  We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Spirit was so strong the wife was crying at the end and their 10 year old son didn't know what hit him.  He felt the Spirit for the first time and didn't know how to deal with it.  Its amazing seeing the Spirit testify to our Investigators of the truth that we teach.

I am so excited to be serving the Lord especially during this Christmas time!  Its humbling seeing people find the Savior for the first time during this special time of the year.  One person told us Why cant everyone think its Christmas everyday of the year people are so much happier during Christmas.  Its a super good point there is no reason why we can’t think of the Savior everyday of the Year.

The pictures you sent were awesome.   Dad you do look pretty good in my shirt BUT it is a little loose up at the shoulders but its okay you have 18 mo to fill it out haha.  I am so sorry for how lame my emails have been its so hard with the short amount of time I have and I have to do all my reports for DL.   There are several other Elders that have to use the computer to. I can’t respond to everyone and wish I could but love reading them.  I love hand written letters because I can read them anytime and take time doing it.  I got the christmas present and the x-mas eve one Ill check again today for the rest when we get to Orthello.   Sorry, I already opened one... haha I love the GLASSES!!!  BUT, I wrapped it back up though so I’ll be just as excited again haha. 

So, here’s the plan for xmas I am going to have 5 min to call you xmas eve to tell you the details about xmas skype it will probably around 6-7 my time. 

Merry Christmas 

Love Elder Woodward

Here is Elder Chandler Woodward's Address if you want to write him.  It will go to his mission home in Kennenwick.  They forward it to a town called Orthello that is an 1 1/2 hours away.   He drives into every Monday to pick up mail and groceries.

Elder Chandler Woodward
8202 West Quinault Ave
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